Advising and Investing for Growth...

Since 1996, Brian has been advising, investing, and leading early-stage through mid-sized firms, developing and implementing growth strategies through integrating advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning into core service offerings. This includes advising an early-stage VC portfolio and managing $150M private investment portfolio as Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal.

Sample portfolio companies include:  

  • Precision Marketing: As co-founder and chief investment officer of a retail investment firm, Brian and his team utilized advanced analytics to develop propensity models that target the “millionaires next door” with unlikely backgrounds and locations. The firm marketed to these prospects resulting in a significant increase in response and conversion rates over industry averages. Successful Exit.  
  • IT Managed Services: Invested in, led, and exited a managed services and strategic staffing firm that serviced multiple sectors and geographies. Under Brian’s leadership, the firm grew ten-fold over three years by transitioning from a government staffing firm to a diversified services firm with offices throughout the east coast.  Successful exit.
  • Natural Language Composition: As a founding investor and lead data scientist, Brian advised and developed models to evaluate student-level long-term financial return, probability of academic success, and financing options for US colleges and universities. Current portfolio company.  
  • Digital Content and Advertising: Early investor in one of the most visited sites on the internet that employed approximately 1,200 writers of specialty content, in areas such as education and technology. The company uses its library of custom-developed content to train AI-based natural language composition algorithms to completely convert to an AI-based content generator and continues to expanded its content offering to provide quantitative rating and analytical product and services ratings.  Current portfolio company.

Sample Advisory engagements include:

  • Central Identity and Credit Registry: Engaged by a Central Bank to (a) review business, financial, and technical implications of establishing a central identity and credit registry and credit bureau and (b) lead a series of design-thinking workshops to share leading industry practices addressing what is required for an efficient all-encompassing implementation as directed by recent privacy and security laws and regulations.
  • Social Media Marketing for prime-time Network Television Series: For a prime-time television reality contestant show, built an online audience and obtained the requisite audience votes to keep certain highly-rated stars on the show, to maximize network viewer ratings. For this initiative, developed an advanced fan analytics profiling system, strategic fan outreach alliances, and the development of social media presence.

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