About Brian

Brian is a Principal in KPMG's Financial Risk Management practice area, with over 20 years of experience as a management, analytics, and technology consultant and practice leader. Brian focuses on both delivery of big data and advanced analytics solutions, as it relates to the financial services sector and the financial market and banking regulators. These services include bringing experience with big data tools, advanced analytics, and cognitive computing techniques, to monitor the financial and banking markets for irregular and/or illicit activities, program effectiveness, capital adequacy, and holistic counterparty risk.

Brian's business analytics experience includes designing and implementing capital adequacy models, decision support systems, actuarial reviews, economic impact assessments, new financial product assessment models, performance measurement programs, business operations reporting processes and systems, big data EDW platforms, opinion research analytics, and portfolio optimization.

Brian hosted a regular series of interviews with executives, "Conversations on Big Data," where he explores best practices and lessons learned as they relate to the successful application of big data analytics. He regularly shares these successful case studies in his blog, "Strategic Analytics."

Brian’s clients have included large corporations, government organizations, and nonprofits. Brian co-founded two start-up businesses and prior to his consulting career, Brian was Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of a money management firm, building and managing a $150 million investment fund within two years. Brian serves as a director or advisor for a number of nonprofit and start-up organizations.

Brian earned his BA in Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park and his MBA in Business Economics from The George Washington University. He frequently speaks and writes on topics related to technology, strategy, and management. All views are strictly his own.